Post 51: Golden Gonads

This week, I’m keeping my part of the post short so you can use the time to watch this episode of Jon Stewart’s podcast, The Problem.

Sometimes, other people say things I want to say, but better. Well, this isn’t exactly that! But it does take a look at corporations—what’s happened to them in general over the last fifty years, and the role they’re currently playing in today’s big story: inflation. Stewart calls it the media’s “five-alarm inflation fire.”

He says the problem isn’t as mysterious, or as puzzling (with regard to solutions), as most of the news coverage suggests. And his guest—the young, knowledgeable, articulate Georgetown University economist  Lindsay Owens—is on the same wavelength: corporations have some responsibility for this inflation. But they’re not being taken to task.

It’s Jon Stewart—recent recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for Humor, so you’re going to laugh! I think the info is presented very clearly, but if it goes by too fast, watch it again. (I did.)

Nobody there is urging you to stop handing over your money to greedy corporations. That’s the idea behind this blog! But you just might be inspired in that direction after watching this short, spot-on episode. (You can also find it on Apple TV+.) Have fun!

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