Post 63: Teeny Halloweeny Post

This entry will be short, in honor of the “holiday.”

Beware the poison!

Have you noticed the two kinds of pumpkins—Jack-o-lantern pumpkins and pie pumpkins? I used to eat my jack-o-lanterns after Halloween. Then a friend told me the pumpkins they sold for that purpose had less stringent regulations than pie pumpkins because they were no longer considered food.

When I looked it up online, I couldn’t find much on pumpkin pesticides. But who would want that information to get out, anyway? I found some details on organic vs. conventionally grown pumpkins, however. For sure the ones sold for carving are not organic, and would be subject to the “regular” dose of agricultural chemicals. You’ll want to get the pie pumpkin, if not for the absence of chemicals, then maybe because the flesh is thicker and the seed-cavity smaller. Jack-o-lanterns of course need to have wax and soot scraped off as well.

So, as much as I love free food, pumpkins with faces are off my menu now.

Making a pie filling from a fresh pumpkin is a lot of work. I’ll be honest: canned pumpkin is pretty tasty. If someone gave me pumpkins, I’d boil and peel and chop them up for pie. Otherwise—go fetch my can opener, will you? (Did you know tin cans can be composted? See my Compost Post for a picture series!

A really scary story

When I was six, my mother made me a “black mammy” costume, complete with the scarf that ties at the forehead. Nobody said anything, and I didn’t know any better. I do now. Looking back, I find this more appalling than any horror movie. I hope all of us can get past this sort of thing soon. (No picture here!)

New stuff Sucks does Halloween

Thrift stores own Halloween because people used to buy clothing, hats, and props to create their costumes. Now they often have a “new” department that carries readymade costumes. Ugh! Not only do they look cheap and reflect no creativity — they’re probably good for just one wearing. I mean, you’re not going to wear the same costume next year, are you? When you’re done with it, your purchase becomes pollution. And if it’s part plastic (why wouldn’t it be?) it’s the worst kind. (Well, there’s worse garbage, I guess, but plastic trash always ranks right there at the top.)

3 thoughts on “Post 63: Teeny Halloweeny Post

  1. My mother used to create an “Arab” costume for me with a turban, which of course would not be meet these days. I’m somewhat relieved this year that my son’s chosen store-bought costume (a striped “prisoner” short and pants) is usable as pajamas, and it was his idea to use it so.


  2. I didn’t see one homemade costume this year in my circle of family and virtual friends.

    I loved making my son’s costumes when he was a kid! Not that I knew how to sew well, but well enough to make him look like a pretty cool parrot one year. Chicken wire, masking tape and paint make an awesome pumpkin costume another (it glowed with a flashlight fasten to the inside).

    I guess I’m old — I miss the old days…


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