Post 68: A New New Stuff Sucks!

This post will be a little different, for a couple reasons: One: I lost more than a week due to illness—not Covid, but a debilitating infection. I’m okay now, though. I’m so thankful we still have antibiotics! Two: With this post we’re kicking off a new feature of the blog: Each post will feature aContinue reading “Post 68: A New New Stuff Sucks!”

Post 67: Is There Really a Goddess of Reuse?

This post is about the Goddess of Reuse. You have to wade through some text to get to her, but it’s worth it. I was still young and good-looking when I installed my gutters. It was 1998, and my permaculture teachers had just answered a question I’d had since moving to Tucson: Was it worthContinue reading “Post 67: Is There Really a Goddess of Reuse?”

Post 66: The Point of Pointless Acts

Happy New Year, Dear Readers. Thanks for reading in 2022. Terry has stepped in this week to write about something he thought a lot about in 2022: pointlessness. He has no advice, just experiences that made him think about what he does, and why, and even whether. Beer and wine bottles show their usefulness inContinue reading “Post 66: The Point of Pointless Acts”

Post 65: Shifting Our Gifting

Even without looking at a calendar, I know it’s the holiday season because of certain indicators. Extra traffic. More online commercials. Frenetic yard decorations—blinking lights, plastic blowup Santas turning in the breeze, projected light shows. Too many irresistible sweets. Frequent media updates with the latest spending totals. So many special events that bunches of themContinue reading “Post 65: Shifting Our Gifting”

Post 64: Guilt

Do you feel guilty when you sin? I’m not talking about when you break one of the Ten Commandments. Following the letter of these ancient laws is not the societal concern that it used to be. You probably don’t think much about keeping your graven images in check, or coveting your neighbor’s spouse, or makingContinue reading “Post 64: Guilt”

Post 63: Teeny Halloweeny Post

This entry will be short, in honor of the “holiday.” Beware the poison! Have you noticed the two kinds of pumpkins—Jack-o-lantern pumpkins and pie pumpkins? I used to eat my jack-o-lanterns after Halloween. Then a friend told me the pumpkins they sold for that purpose had less stringent regulations than pie pumpkins because they wereContinue reading “Post 63: Teeny Halloweeny Post”

Post 62: Top Ten Reasons You Love Pomegranates

10. They’re free and come with no packaging. Pomegranate trees are native to Iran and northern India—not the Sonoran Desert—but they do well in many climates, all over the world. Maybe yours. If you’re lucky enough to live where pomegranates are part of the landscape (and bearing fruit), pick one, open it, see if theContinue reading Post 62: Top Ten Reasons You Love Pomegranates

Post 61: Why Don’t We Do It?

Why don’t we do it? You’ve heard this question: We know how to fix climate change, so why don’t we do it? I’ve written a lot here about the role of advertising, how it would love to control not only consumer purchases, but consumer lives, while treating the Earth’s marvels like war-plundered women. And yet,Continue reading Post 61: Why Don’t We Do It?

Post 60: People Bought These 10 Items! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

Not buying stuff adds up to real money. It doesn’t always seem like it, when the refused purchase is something small, but it does add up. I was able to retire at age 49—even without Social Security and Medicare. It wasn’t like I was making the big bucks; I think the most I ever madeContinue reading “Post 60: People Bought These 10 Items! You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!”

Post 59: An Open Letter to President Biden on the IRA

Note from Kay: Thanks, friends, for visiting again today. This is the last of my weekly posts; you’ll be hearing from me every other week for a while. I’ll let you know when the book is done. Maybe there will be a deal for New Stuff Sucks readers.  So: ¡No te vayas! Forget about theContinue reading “Post 59: An Open Letter to President Biden on the IRA”