Post 67: Is There Really a Goddess of Reuse?

This post is about the Goddess of Reuse. You have to wade through some text to get to her, but it’s worth it. I was still young and good-looking when I installed my gutters. It was 1998, and my permaculture teachers had just answered a question I’d had since moving to Tucson: Was it worthContinue reading “Post 67: Is There Really a Goddess of Reuse?”

8. Wabi Sabi, Maybe?

My tenant before Terry was a young Ph.D. student who very much cared about creating a nice home for herself and her young son. She had seen pictures of the place I’d posted online (rooms mostly empty) and hoped to come right away to have a look. I’m guessing she was something like the tenthContinue reading “8. Wabi Sabi, Maybe?”